Alix Ohlin, "Local News"

A TV reporter ponders her future while investigating an apparent arson case.

(from Babylon and Other Stories)

Swiftly paced and often surprising, this story was sort of a page turner. There were times when it did a decent impression of an honest to goodness mystery, although that never quite paid off. The real guts of the story, or the world in which our heartbrokenish and drivenish reporter lives, is unexplainable. We don’t know why somebody burned down the waterbed store. We’re not sure why. We’re also not sure why our otherwise reliable narrator would do the thing she does at the end. see, not all mysteries need to be solved.

One thought on “Alix Ohlin, "Local News"

  1. demogirl

    Hello Patrick

    Not all mysteries need to be solved. So true. Invairably as demonstrated over time, mysteries give up their secrets. So I say, live not in the realm of mystery but in what is concrete and real…and then one day, usually when you least expect it, life will yield up the answer…as it always does. You cannot live with what is nebulous.


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