Ander Monson, "Weep No More Over This Event"

A divorced man may or may not be losing his mind after he shoots an intruder in his home.

(from Tin House, Vol. 11, #1)

I found out later you can set the system, which is admittedly pretty glorious, to keep someone from leaving the house, too, though I did not read the entire instruction manual at the time and it would only seem important to me later, like most realizations I have had in my life.

The uncertainty comes not from whether the man is losing his grip on reality, but when it started. I like this narrator. He’s unreliable (always a good thing) but also, for a while, totally sympathetic. And yet, there were little hints not to trust the guy. I don’t wanna spoil it, but I’ll say this: A+ for the gradual revelation of madness.
Read some of this story here. Learn more about Ander Monson here.

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