Asali Solomon, "Twelve Takes Thea"

Her parents want her to make friends with the other black girl in her class.

(from Get Down)

It’s been a few days since I read this, but I remember getting sucked right in by this delicate/occasionally quite indelicate story of a kid’s understanding of race. An awesome, unique, awesome story. Philly author, too.

While I’ve got your ear, I’ll direct your attention to a recent Book Quarterly I headed up for Philadelphia City Paper. I reviewed a few books readers of this site will recognize.

One thought on “Asali Solomon, "Twelve Takes Thea"

  1. Clifford Garstang

    From Philly, but until last week she was living in my area, teaching at Washington & Lee University. I ran into her in a coffee shop recently and she told me she’s moving to Connecticut where she’s taken a teaching job at Trinity. I enjoyed the collection, too.


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