Benjamin Nugent, "Ollie the Owl"

Jerky fratboys anger an owl monster when they stick a strap-on on it.

(from Tin House, Vol. 10, #3)

The rafters are covered with little cuts, like somebody chucked a lawnmower at the ceiling a few times.

Oh hell yes. It’s like I’ve been searching for a story like this. It’s funny, scary, fucked up, it’s utterly ridiculous. I mean, essentially, these dudes conjured up an ancient demon by being too disrespectful. It’s a frat house. The place should be crawling with monsters summoned by assholism. But it’s spooky, and I took the monster with the strap-on seriously.

3 thoughts on “Benjamin Nugent, "Ollie the Owl"

  1. miette

    Very curious to read this story, but don’t think it can compare to your write-up. You should do 40-character summaries of everything in the world, starting now.


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