Can Xue, "Meteorite Mountain"

Little sister lives on a mountain now.

(from Words Without Borders: The World Through the Eyes of Writers)

Uh. Well, the mountain is magic I guess. The people there rely on sweet potatoes and sudden appearances of water. They’re not saying why these things are provided for them, but they seem to know the answer. Our narrator is as puzzled as we are, although she does end up gaining some insight while I continued to read in the dark. The story is entrancing in its oddness, not making sense the way, say, foreign sitcoms sometimes don’t make sense. You know the formula, you know about people and the laws of nature, but these things are not enough. Su freakin’ rreal.

2 thoughts on “Can Xue, "Meteorite Mountain"

  1. karla

    yeah..I’ve read it for my intro to LIT class..
    It is quite interesting and weird at the same time..sweet potatoes and water that springs out of nowhere??
    So, I had to research where Can Xue had been or where she gained her insight for such story…am glad I found ur comment.

  2. mara

    Hi, I just read the story for my Lit class.
    and to be honest I’m just a beginner English learner.
    I will really appreciate if somebody could help me to understand the story a little deeper. I need to write something about it.

    Any ideas are welcome!!! Thanks A lot!!!!….=)



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