Craig Raine, "Julia and Byron"

A woman with cancer takes an experimental treatment.

(from The New Yorker, March 30, 2009)

And then she dies and the husband reads her diary and realizes he was a jerk to her. After reading this I was torn between “what the hell” and “whatever.” I’m not sure why this story did what it did but I’m sure I don’t care that much. I read it. It was fine. Good night.
Read it here.

One thought on “Craig Raine, "Julia and Byron"

  1. Anonymous

    Greetings from someone who also adores reading short stories. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog but please don´t reveal so much (esp.not the endings).It spoils the fun :( I recommend to you ´´Poachers´´ by Tom Franklin and of course the short stories written by Spanish author Manuel Rivas. Actually I could recommend to you hundreds if you like since I tend to read 1-2 short stories every night before I go to bed. Greetings!


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