Dicky Murphy, "Witness Protection Bridge"

The Brooklyn Bridge fears mafia reprisals.

(from McSweeney’s issue 33)

Sometimes I think some litmags should just put out a porno wherein the city of New York just makes damp, smug love with the magazine and all the writers who choose to live there. Just finally going at it, and dismissing with all artistic pretense. I’m from Philly, so I’m bound to feel this way. Anyway this story — by an L.A. writer, I should point out — concerns “the world’s most famous bridge” (hah) being afraid that the mafia will like have it killed for some reason. Props to Dicky Murphy for keeping the thing under 300 words. Fits the silly premise.This is from The Panorama Book Review section of The San Francisco Panorama, McSweeney’s's big, pretty newspaper edition.

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