Elizabeth Strout, “Snow Blind”

vqr-spring-coverAnnie remembers a blissful childhood in the woods with her family. Coming home as an adult she sees things differently.

(from VQR, Spring 2013)

He was a closed book of a man, he inhabited himself with economy, but his family understood he loathed dishonesty in any form. He did have surprising and sudden moments of liveliness.

Well, duh, Annie sees things differently because she’s changed — she’s older and worldlier, etc. — but also because lots of other stuff has changed, too. The road’s paved. Her father’s demented and gay. And so on. “You can never go home again” is a tired old phrase, but its meaning is still fair game for examination. This story isn’t a revelation, but it is a wise and pretty little heartbreaker. Hard not to fall for it.

I can’t find “Snow Blind” online, but I recommend you pick up VQR as a matter of general habit. In the meantime, here’s a song that doesn’t fit the mood of this post at all.

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