Gania Barlow, "Clytemnestra"

Cly deals with feelings of regret, loss, vengeance and anger when Iphigenia is killed.

(from Agni 62)

Not sure why all these people had ancient Greek names — perhaps this story paralelled the Edith Hamilton version of things, or the characters were classically tragic; I don’t know — but this was set in modernish times and surely could have worked if eveyrbody was named Dana and Natalie and Dan and Casey. But, somehow it was neither pretentious nor distractingly pretentious. It worked just fine. All the blood and arguments make for nice counterweight with all the emotional Tilt-A-Whirling. Cool story.

One thought on “Gania Barlow, "Clytemnestra"

  1. Anonymous

    they all have ancient greek names because it is the more modern story of aeschylus’ “agamemnon” from clytemnestra’s point of view. you know how there’s “the three little pigs,” but you can also get the story from the wolf’s point of view? all he needs is a cup of sugar to bake a cake for his granny, but when he politely asks the pigs if he could borrow some, they mistake the sneezes from his cold as a threat.

    though barlow changes most of the story, it holds true to “agamemnon.”


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