Helen Simpson, "Up At The Villa"

The skinnydippers hide in the bushes while the real owners of the pool argue.

(from Zoetrope All-Story, Spring 2007)

Overhearing the adults arguing, and seeing their grotesquely aged bodies, makes the skinnydippers ponder their own futures. One could argue that both sides — the petty, blunt adults and the shallow, naive kids — are played a bit cartoonishly. I’m not gonna argue that, though. This was a short story with a point to make. It did so satisfyingly.

This issue of Zoetrope was designed by Palace Brothers frontman Will Oldham.

* * *

In truth, I read a whole bunch of short stories today. The Guardian published a bunch of six-word short stories. Read them here. Most of them aren’t in sentence form, but a good plot can overcome even the most stilted prose.
My favorite:

Set sail, great storm, all lost.
By John Banville

Bonnie Prince Billie, “Agnes Queen of Sorrow”

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