I’m Reading a Novel Today

In fact, I’ve been reading the same novel, off and on (mostly off), for the last year. I picked up Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay around this time last year for my trip out to Arizona to witness the wedding of my good friends Ryan and Jessica. I’m not much for, you know, whole books, but I knew I’d like this one. And I do. But work, life and lots of short stories have gotten in my way a bit. Now, with R&J’s anniversary looming, I’d like to get this great book read and out of my life. A year is not an unreasonable amount of time.

So, for this week: Hello, Kav & Clay.
See you in a sec, short fiction.

Mean time, have I ever told you how much I dig
The Elegant Variation?

UPDATE (3/25-ish): Kav & Clay is done. Man, was that good. One of the best things I’ve ever read ever. Good eye, Pulitzer people.
Short story coverage, if I can call it that, will resume soon.

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