Julio Cortázar, "All Fires Fire"

Two gladiators battle and two ex-lovers confront each other in interwined plotlines.

(de All Fires The Fire, en el préstamo del mezcló los archivos de Ryan y Jessica)

This is what you call experimental fiction. The action jumps from a Roman coliseum to a bitter, mostly quiet confrontation on the phone in the present day. One could say that the two stories are intertwoven seamlessly, except that the leap is so conceptually jarring that I, the reader, always the reader, gave pause, so there might as well have been some white space indicating the rift in the time/space continuum to follow. This story was so crazy strange that I am tempted to read more by Julio Cortázar.

Here is a web site, perhaps with information on the author. It’s en Espanol, as he was Argentinian.

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