Karen Russell, "Lady Yeti and the Palace of Artificial Snows"

Two kids hide in the skating rink to see what happens at night.

(from St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves)

I wouldn’t call this a tight story — I often found myself unable to come up with a clear mental picture of what the author was trying to say — but such a fantastical and chaotic ending probably wouldn’t benefit from 20/20 narration. So. I found “Lady Yeti” frustrating, but amusing and memorable too. A fellow reader recommended I check out this story, and when I opened the book I discovered that I’d already put a bookmark on it. Why? The word “yeti,” most likely. Everybody loves the yeti.

One thought on “Karen Russell, "Lady Yeti and the Palace of Artificial Snows"

  1. Brian

    Everybody does love yeti!

    I agree that the story was a bit muddled, the relationships between the two protagonists and their parents was very confused to me, but there was something about the exuberance of it that I found compelling. The climax of the “blizzard” was very bizarre and it filled my head with a wonderful chaotic vision of cold swirling simian mystery that I found very entertaining. I’m glad you found some enjoyment in it as well.


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