Kelly Link, "The Wrong Grave"

A boy wants to dig up his ex-girlfriend’s grave to get the book of poems he’d tucked into her coffin at the wake.

(from Pretty Monsters)

Poor Miles, digging up the wrong grave. Or digging up the right grave, but not knowing enough to know it. I really like this story. It was fantastical and spooky, but weirdly comfortable. A clever, strange mix of Roald Dahl and Edward Gorey, maybe. Awesome.
I bought my signed copy of Pretty Monsters directly from the author herself at the Indie and Small Press Book Fair on Sunday. Here’s Kelly Link’s homepage.

2 thoughts on “Kelly Link, "The Wrong Grave"

  1. Molly Gaudry

    I like this story a lot, though I only heard it. Maybe it’d be different reading it? Anyway, Kelly read it during the Emerging Fiction Writers Festival at the University of Cincinnati last year. I admired how the prose never seemed dumbed down for her YA audience.


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