Kim Brooks, "Do You Like It Here"

Wary of men and their cruelty, Claire looks out for her daughter who was disfigured by disease.

(from One Story #65)

“I’ll give ten dollars to whoever can tell me when and why we invaded this country,” Cameron said.

The author knows how to walk the line. Is Claire paranoid? Yes. Is she wrong? Not really. She’s battle-scarred, protective, street smart when it comes to human interaction. Her hyper-sensitivity makes perfect sense to her, and the story does a good job of making it make sense to the reader. One of those stories that make you feel like the whole world is screwed up beyond repair.
Interview with Kim Brooks here. There was another story, by John O’Hara, with the same title. Click here and somebody will read it to you, which might feel weird. It’s from a site called Stories To Go.
I read this story at Twist, with Elton John and then Wolfmother absolutely blaring.

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