Kurt Vonnegut, "Bagombo Snuff Box"

Eddie works up the courage to check in on his ex-wife. Then he just wants to brag.

(from Bagombo Snuff Box)

Well, obviously I was trying to pay tribute to my favorite writer of all time. As I’m sure you heard, Kurt Vonnegut passed away yesterday. Well this selection, the title story from his “uncollected short fiction” collection, isn’t quite up to snuff. I mean, it’s interesting enough, and has a decent twist, but KV would go on to write novels that completely rock my world. This story’s just so-so. Sigh. This is some tribute, eh? What I want to say is the world’s a little darker without Kurt Vonnegut out there.

One thought on “Kurt Vonnegut, "Bagombo Snuff Box"

  1. Demogirl

    Hello Patrick

    Sorry to hear that a little light was extinguished from your world. I feel it too today – the world being that much more darker today, than I recall it being yesterday.

    I am comforted by knowing though, that even in the darkest sky, I will always find a distant star…so there is always a little light to be found, even in the darkest expanse of sky. Light will always show up out of darkness if we believe it will, as I do.


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