Maud Casey, "Pheromones"

It was a time of interesting smells.

(from American Short Fiction, Vol. 10, issue 39)

She looked fierce and knowledgeable, like she’d been through a war.

Smart, funny little story of sexual awakening. I really dug the pop culture references (some overt, some so light as to seem unintentional) and short attention-spanned characters.
Here‘s more info about Maud Casey.

Reasons I haven’t posted in so long. Choose only one.
1. I was reading What is the What which is the awesome.
2. I wanted to let it linger that I’d actually gotten a short story published.
3. Work.
4. I was writing this tiny short story review round-up thing.
5. I was working on CP’s Top 21 Albums of 2007.
6. I was putting I Read A Short Story Today on Facebook. I don’t know if there’s a way to send a link, and I think it’s lame that I had to put the account under the name Ireada Short Story Today. But whatever, be my friend on there.

2 thoughts on “Maud Casey, "Pheromones"

  1. Chrissy

    I read a short story today… This first day of January… Getting off to a great start I must say!
    It’s called Fables from the Mudby Erik Quisling
    At first I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read this book and was really dumbfounded by the content. It has very few words but will have you laughing out loud as you read it with his side-splittingly comical content. Every page in the book has a basic hand-drawn picture with mostly a line or two of words. I read the book pretty quick but kept returning to re-read some of the kooky antics.
    Check it out, it’s worth it!!!

  2. Patrick Rapa

    Hey Chrissy,
    So what’s the deal, you go around to a bunch of sites and write this terrible PR copy? And you think it looks really honest, like you’re just some reader with no vested interest?

    More evidence of Chrissy’s ughwork (sometimes posted under the name Cherie Fisher):

    There’s a chance the commenter is really Quisling’s publicist, Penny Sansevieri. Kinda doubt it though, as she doesn’t seem to be an amateur like “Chrissy.”

    But since the book isn’t out yet (Jan. 15), you have to figure it’s an inside job.


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