Naja Marie Aidt, "Blackberries"

Two roommates stop talking to each other.

(from The Literary Review, Spring 2008)

Really, it’s just Helle who’s not talking. She so good at not interacting with our narrator that I started to wonder if Helle was merely a ghost, or a memory. But this is a short short story, and that notion is laid to rest soon enough. Things do take a turn in the final few paragraphs, with the blissful, natural vibe giving way to something unexpected and shocking. Did not see it coming.

One thought on “Naja Marie Aidt, "Blackberries"

  1. Adi

    Came across your blog while I was searching for a short story I have lost. I just wanted to try and see if you can help me locate this story. I had really loved this story but I forget the story’s name, author and the collection it was published in.
    Here are some things I remember about the story:
    1) The story was based in maine. 2) It was part of some collection like american best short stories but I am not sure about that.
    3) The story begins with how the narrator hates fall. THen the narrator continues with his hatred towards everything around him, the weather, his family, friends, his poverty, school,cousins.
    4) The last line changes the whole perception he has created.
    If you remember this story and its writer do let me know. It will be highly appreciated.


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