Octavia Butler, "Speech Sounds"

Girl meets boy in a world where illness has ruined the speech/reading center of the human brain.

(from Wastelands)

From a sci-fi standpoint, it doesn’t get much cooler or more intense than this. Nobody can talk or write or read, so communication between two people is pretty much impossible. Government and a whole bunch of other things break down right along with it, as humans become angry grunting monsters. It’s actually kind of brilliant the way Butler creates a reality that should be so different from our own, and yet it’s really jut an exaggeration of the current state of things.

One thought on “Octavia Butler, "Speech Sounds"

  1. Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree more.
    I have undertaken the task of translating the book “bloodchild & other short stories) to french, and I love this one…


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