Octavia E. Butler, "Crossover"

She’s falling into old, sad habits.

(from Bloodchild and Other Stories)

This short, dark little headache of a story has an unreliable narrator in the Fight Club sense. A fine read, not mindblowing, but sharp and effective. I was kinda hoping for something sci-fi, given Butler’s esteemed rep in that field. That’s mostly in novels, of course, and her preface opens with this: “The truth is, I hate short story writing.” On top of that, it turns out I picked out her first published work, from way back in 1971. So, yeah, not bad. And I’ll have to pick another story from this book at some point.
Case you didn’t know, Octavia Butler passed away last month.

The Mountain Goats, “Waving At You”

One thought on “Octavia E. Butler, "Crossover"

  1. Anonymous

    First of all, she defiantly did well with this piece of work. Because it forces you to think of the scenario this woman was in. The people who try to come into our daily lives, changing our opinions and actions. The purpose for even to continue life as we know it. I think people should analyze the story better.


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