Padgett Powell, "Manifesto"

A conversation about lots of things, but also nothing.

(from McSweeney’s #15)

If I were to guess, I’d say this was a conversation between to riffing, ironic, overeducated business men, but it’s hard to say for sure who the two people are trading irreverent quips and supportive witticisms. Though there are no quotation marks, you can tell the entire story is a dialogue between two possibly inebriated people, but there are no he saids or clues as to who is saying what where and when.
Here’s the kind of creek-of-consciousness nuttiness the conversation wades into:
Constant Rectitude and Studio Becalmed have run away to join the circus, but they join the army instead in error and will die as patriots rather than as syphillitic roustabouts.
Failure is to success as water is to land.
This is the great secular truth.
It’s funny and foggy. An alternate universe where nobody ever heard of Godot.

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