Patrick Rapa, "Every Creeping Thing of the Earth"

A guy takes an internship with a cattle mutilator.

(from Pindeldyboz)

No, I’m not going to write up my own story but I wanted to let you know, you mysterious readers who find my page by Googling strange things, that in the final print/not print issue of revered NYC litmag Pindeldyboz you can find my first ever published short story. The journal ran out of cash when it came time to print, so they turned the things into a nicely laid out pdf which you can download and print yourself, if you please. Last night I went up to New York City to read a bit of it, and listen to other authors read their stuff. Much thanks to editors Krisitin McGonigle and Whitney Pastorek and everybody.
So yeah, after three years of critiquing the short fiction of others, I have finally opened myself up for a return volley. The hunter has become the hunted. The falcon has become the falconer.
Go here to download it. Tell me what you think.

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