Paul Di Filippo, "The Emperor of Gondwanaland"

As work gets more grueling, Mutt takes up an interest in the micronation of Gondwanaland.

(From The Emperor of Gondwanaland and Other Stories)

Things you might like to know:
Gondwanaland is what some call the way-pre-historic supercontinent which split up to form Africa, Antarctica, South America and more. Look at this, the cameras were rolling when the earth broke ground.
Micronations, according to Google, are “entities that resemble independent states, but for the most part exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators.”
Which is what our boy Mutt is all mixed up in. Buncha webdorks makin’ shit up. Or are they? If you had to guess, would you figure Gondwanaland ends up being a real enough place or not? I don’t know why I’m asking questions, this isn’t that kind of blog. And I won’t just flat out tell you.The writing’s a bit clunkified and obvious, but the author’s diligence and fertile-ish imagination carry the day.
The latest issue of Cabinet magazine has a whole bunch of stuff on micronations. See? they even have a thing on SeaLand, a very real micronation which I would totally invade if I could save up enough money to rent a boat. Who’s with me? No one? Cowards.

Optigonally Yours, covering Human League’s “Empire State Human”

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