Rebecca Chua, "Second Thoughts"

Her wedding’s right around the corner and she doesn’t know why he loves her.

(from Short Story International, #51)

There would be other times when their thoughts would be out of kilter, when he would seem incredibly superficial, or she, unbelievably dull; that was something they would adjust to, with a natural capacity for change. In the end, it would be this, more than the genes that they would bequeath to their children, that would justify their living and their lives.

Cool story about seemingly justified doubt and natural uncertainty. This story beautifully captures body movement, adding another layer to the lovers’ conversations. Mostly, “Second Thoughts” comes from the fiancee’s perspective, but there is one jarring foray into the fiance’s mind, and some writing teachers probably told you it’s a faux pas to do such a thing. Oh but don’t you believe them. It worked okay here, even though you definitely wonder if her fears that her groom is a shallow ad man partly because you don’t see his perspective. Worked only because it happened late enough in the game. And besides, who cares about such writerly concern? This story’s so sharp and true.

Rebecca Chua’s from Singapore, originally. Can’t find much about her on the web.

B.C. Camplight, “Couldn’t You Tell”

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  1. Anonymous

    HEY i couldnt understand the story, do you mind explaining why Mandy is afraid of marriage?


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