Rick Moody, "The Double Zero"

Life isn’t easy for a family of ex-ostrich raisers.

(from McSweeney’s No. 4)

Here’s a passage I liked:
Freight hoboes would come in wearing that hunted expression you get from never having owned a thing and having no fixed address.
Why’d I like it?
1. That hunted expression rings true somehow, though I don’t know any hoboes.
2. I just dig hoboes. I have a vanity bindle which I take to high society luncheons.
3. I think the plural of “hobo” is “hobos,” but Rick Moody does not play by your petty rules.
There was another cool passage, but I’ve lost it. This story’s a bleak/sad/funny tale of unsuccessful Ohio people and it inspires its mood through gross details and a narrator who’s sort of accepting of everything that goes on around him, a bit like the stupid ostriches he takes care of for a brief while. Excellent.

How’d I end up reading from a 2000 McSweeney’s? I set out digging for a Lawrence Krauser story within and upon my shelves and piles. Nothing turned up. I’m going to meet Krauser tomorrow because he’ll be there when I will apparently “host” or “MC” a One Ring Zero event at International House here in Philly. I’ve never hosted anything besides bacteria, but I’m guessing it’ll go okay. I just watched As Smart As They Are, a documentary on One Ring Zero, and they seem like good guys. They’re the band with lyrics by authors like Moody, Krauser, Dave Eggers, Myla Goldberg, Paul Auster and some more.

More importantly, Philadelphia City Paper put out another Book Quarterly, edited by Lori Hill. I wrote this, an article on literary magazines in town, and this, a run down on specific ones. Lots of other good stuff in the issue, as we like to say, including interviews with Duane Swierczynski and Zadie Smith. Check out the whole thing here.

One Ring Zero, “Water”

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