Roald Dahl, "The Way Up to Heaven"

Something’s gotta give in this passive aggressive rich couple’s relationship.

(from The Best of Roald Dahl)

Did you know that Roald Dahl, author of BFG and James and the Giant Peach and The Witches and so on, was also the author of several made-for-adults stories and books? I did, because I wrote a report on him in eighth grade and looked up all the books I’d never seen in the children’s section of the Collingswood Public Library. I didn’t think those books were too interesting back then, but maybe it’s time I did some catching up. If I liked his kid stuff so much when I was a kid, maybe I’ll like his grown-up stuff now that I’m a grown up.
I certainly liked this story. The pace was very familiar, building you up with the appearance of normalcy before dropping something twisted on your head. Of course, there’s plenty to laugh at in the normalcy bits, too. I look forward to opening this book again soon.

One thought on “Roald Dahl, "The Way Up to Heaven"

  1. Mike D'Agostino

    WOW but how does it tie into the title “The way up to heaven” why should antagonist Mr. Foster make it to heaven? he was the one that died. Confusing???


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