Tao Lin, “Zombies”

Neil’s a mostly apathetic, occasionally angry lump.

(from Kitchen Sink 12)

He was embarrassed about how immature he was. He thought that he should write about this, his embarrassment.
And he tried to.
But the tone was immediately evocative of a boy band music video, one of the ones meant to be sad.

See. I kinda wanted to hate this story and its precious, oddly precocious style. Just about every sentence begins with “He” and few are complicated enough to warrant even a comma. Everything is told matter-of-factly, plain, wide-eyed. Kinda low-concept like that. However, there were little surprises, along the way — flecks of humor (like the pasted in part above), moments of clarity — and so the reading experience was worthwhile.
Here‘s a link to the story.

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