?, "There is No Palindrome of Palindrome"

A married woman who killed her parents has taken a liking to Babe, the friendly widowed pharmacist.

(from The Secret Society of Demolition Writers)

This story liked to jump around in styles, in chronology, in perspectives, in approach. But never in a too-slick or too-annoying experimental film kinda way. It made its jumps sparingly, and hardly ever to move the main action.
It’s funny, at the start, you think Babe is the crazy one, given his sorta fascination with checking out tonsils. As things move along, you forget he’s weird or weird looking. Understanding Connie a bit like a reversal of that process. I very much enjoyed the way Connie’s speech was written. There was a telling cadence to it, something that implied both her age and her maturity.
“I just want to—” She clenched her hand and mimed yanking someone else’s pants down. “You know? I want to pants them.” She hooted. “Seriously, that’s what would have happened in my high school.”

Rilo Kiley, “Science Vs. Romance”

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