Truman Capote, "One Christmas"

A kid leaves his Alabama house to spend Christmas with his dad in New Orleans.

(from The Complete Stories of Truman Capote)

I don’t know much about Capote. Seeing the movie was enough to trick my mind’s ear into reading this story in Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s gentle screech. I was lent this book (thanks LZ!) a long time ago but swiftly lost track of it during a move (sorry LZ!). So, it’s possible I was supposed to read “Christmas Memory” — I remembered only that the story recommended to me had something to do with Christmas or holidays reindeer. I have a feeling it wasn’t “One Christmas,” though I did find it to be a charming little nostalgia trip about a spoiled-ish Depression era kid from a broken home learning a little bit about manipulation and compassion. Fine story. Didn’t blow me away.
I’m not sure why this exists, but hey it’s related. Looks like they made a movie out of this story, somehow.

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