Wells Tower, "Door In Your Eye"

A guy moves to a new neighborhood and hooks up with a local hottie eccentric.

(from A Public Space #5)


I Read A Short Story Today officially endorses Wells Tower for president. We agree with him on the issues: strong characters, progressive plot structure, attention to detail, and hope for a world more interesting than the one we have now.
Wells Tower 2008 — Blood Eagles for Everyone!
It’s really strange that I am re-reading this story Feb. 27, 2009, exactly a year after the first time around. How the hell did that happen. It’s really sad that I chose to describe the story the way I did then. It’s just really wrong. How about:
A old man moves in with his daughter and spends his days watching the house of the neighbor he suspects is a prostitute.
Guy? Hottie? What was I talking about? Unless this is another one of those stories Mr. Tower decided to overhaul when it came time to compile for the book.

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