?, “Wonderland”

A sarcastic college student is suddenly put in charge of the daughter of the maintenance man she’s sleeping with.

(from The Secret Society of Demolition Writers)

Yes. This is a cool story. The narrator is so snide and sarcastic and bitter and uncaring you want to yell at her. She does have moments of humanity, glimpses of understanding, but she treats everything like a waste of time, everybody like a drag. When she has visitor her during the duration of Jessamina’s stay with her. She’s too much of dick for friends. Which is not to say we, the readers of America, do not feel for her. She’s had it rough and the situation is ridiculous.
“Wonderland” is smart in tone and pacing, in description and setting. The dialogue is pretty dead on too. I wonder who wrote it.

Early morning in Nethers.

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