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Stephen King, "Willa"

David leaves the train station and goes looking for his wife.

(from Just After Sunset)

This warrants a Spoiler Alert tag: It’s a rather remarkable coincidence that I read this story right after reading “A Haunted House” by Virginia Woolf. Neither is new. Both concern ghostly couples living in a sort hazy existence between the real world and whatever comes next. David and Willa, though, don’t know they’re not alive. All they know is they need to take a train that could come by any time now. It’s a freaky, tense kind of story. Eerie, I guess would be the word. Simply told, to heighten suspense and keep us in the dark. I keep meaning to read more Stephen King.

Virginia Woolf, "A Haunted House"

Two ghosts wander around their old house.

(from A Haunted House and Other Stories)

Whatever hour you woke there was a door shutting. From room to room they went, hand in hand, lifting here, opening there, making sure — a ghostly couple.

Kind of a peacefully spooky story. Some of the language was so vague, maybe antiquated?, that I wasn’t always sure Ii was picking up on everything I was supposed to. Still it was lovely. I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of Virginia Woolf, but it’s early. This is the first thing of hers I’ve read.
I read this on a (loaner) Kindle. You can read it here.

Alex Burrett, "My Goat Ate Its Own Legs"

A goat eats its own legs.

(from My Goat Ate Its Own Legs)

Actually I read pretty much all of this collection, but I’m not gonna post about each story, because I’m reviewing it for the mothership. And this would turn into some kind of Burrettblog if I made 31 posts on the same book. My opinions didn’t vary that much. I felt about this story the way I felt about most of the stories: It was entertaining. It felt easy. It didn’t really tax my brain. My favorites from the collection: “Human Abattoir Project” and “The Beast of Bethgelart.” For my more complete thoughts on the book, you’ll have to find my review when it becomes available. I don’t believe I’ll link to it.