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I Made A T-Shirt Today!

Designed by Dana Burns.

Designed by Dana Burns.

Actually, it wasn’t today. And I didn’t make it.

But I’ve wanted I Read A Short Story Today shirts for years, but I never got around to doing so back when this was an active site. But now, in my first post in like seven years, here it is! And it’s not just shirts! There’s mugs! And mouse pads for some reason! I don’t know. I bought myself a green shirt and I love it. Here’s where you can buy one.

My friend Dana designed the design, so all profits go to her. I don’t really understand the pricing system on Teepublic but it seems like if a shirt is $22 then $2 or $3 goes to the seller. Whatever $$ they send me I’ll forward to Dana. Buy the thing if you like it. No pressure.

P.S. I’m still writing about books. I have a monthly preview column in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Here’s a recent one.