Adam Johnson, "Hurricanes Anonymous"

A UPS driver in post-Katrina Louisiana is suddenly put in charge of his son.

(from Tin House, Summer Reading 2008)

Outside the campers are bright purple laundry bins, molded-plastic porch chairs, and the deep black of Weber grills, which is what happens when Wal-Mart is your first responder.

Nonc is an excellent character, complicated and mysterious and identifiable in all the right ways. I guess I’m saying he’s real, or buyable. I bought him. This story’s got soul, and might only work if you’ve got a soul too. You gotta believe in the ending, that the last few pages could happen, for this story to work. Maybe it’s just because I believe in Nonc, but yeah, I bought that too.

2 thoughts on “Adam Johnson, "Hurricanes Anonymous"

  1. Anonymous

    I just finished this story this morning. I loved it. Great story among several great stories in this issue of Tin House. I thought it was odd that they had no bio information on him in the back. I’d like to read more of his work.
    The Alan Gurganus story was good too.


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