Adam Levin, "Considering the Bittersweet End of Susan Falls"

Susan has trouble dealing with the loss of her legs and her crush on a classmate.

(from McSweeney’s, #16)

This story was great. Made me smile on every other page, and really empathetic in the interims. I giggled like a freak on the bus today, with my iPod blaring Superchunk and me all squished next to my fellow riders. I laughed out loud at the neatly inventive and completely sound (far as I know) mathematical equations Susan has for the things she thinks about, from quantifying Adam’s legacy to determining the utility of snow pants on accentuating or deflecting attention from the ass.
Maybe I should have hated this story, what with the finale foretold by the title and all the meta moments. But damn. There’s no fighting this story.
As soon as I finished reading, the bus took a turn I didn’t expect, so I had to pull the cord and disembark in a hurry, else i woulda pushed up the aisle fishing for high fives while “Song for Marion Brown” blared for me alone and a funny, sad little story made me find the poetry in the bad.

You know what song.

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