Aimee Bender, "Death Watch"

Ten men are told they’re going to die. Some get angry. Some get sad. Some get proactive.

(from Willful Creatures)

He has flown by now to Greece and is trying finally to have a relationship. With only a couple of weeks left, he thinks that for once he has a good chance of having someone by his bedside when he dies.

This is on of those neat, pretty fable-icious stories, where people don’t get names and whole huge things they do are reduced to short, simple sentences. It really works for this story. It’s fast-paced, funny and sad. Read it here yourself. I’m no Opium or anything, but I think it’ll take you about five minutes to read.

I don’t have a links page here, but if I did I’d tell you about the Zero Sum Blog. L.M. is in the system, trying to work her way out.

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