Amanda Eyre Ward, "Should I Be Scared?"

A woman contemplates motherhood and the purchase of Cipro.

(from Pindeldyboz #3)

This story captures a little bit of those crazy, post-9/11 days of paranoia and misinformation, but on a confused, personal level (the way most of us experienced them). It’s also got one of those ‘no you dittin’ endings, but I’m not sure if I’m saying that to the character or the author.

Curiously, the story features the phrase “War On Terrorism” when the more common, presidentially-mandated “War On Terror” would have been pretty effective. Wow, is that nitpicky.

I had never heard of Amanda Eyre Ward. I believe I would like to read more. I found this apparent homepage. On her “About Amanda” page, she says:

“Maybe, for a writer, one life isn’t enough. Each story I write is a shadow life,

running like a river beside my own. In my fiction, I commit murder,

live in a strange house filled with items that don’t belong to me, board the

midnight bus to New Orleans.

Sometimes it is my waking life that seems like a dream.”

I’m guessing her friends say ‘no you dittin’ to her sometimes.

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