Dennis Lehane, "Until Gwen"

Dad picks you up from jail, and even brings you a hooker, so try to remember where the diamond is.

(from The Best American Short Stories 2005)

Your father picks you up from prison in a stolen Dodge Neon, with an 8-ball of coke in the glove compartment and a hooker named Mandy in the back seat.

That’s the first line in this entertaining, dark, extrovert of a story where everybody’s a villain. It’s in second person. Sometimes it’s just really fun to read about jerks with guns and jewels and hookers and coke.
Looks like it’s gonna be a movie. Now, I would say the camera should be entirely from the son’s perspective, to keep true with the story’s second person angle. You might say, that’s first person. I disagree.

Frankie Ford, “Sea Cruise”

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