Gary Lutz, “Pavillion”

A guy travels around lecturing about his “new angle” on family starting.

(from Stories in the Worst Way)

I came up with a new angle on how to start a family, an entirely new way of going about the business of it, and went from place to place—parking lots and boardwalks, mainly—to talk up the talking points. I had pass-outs, outgivings—‘literature’ was the word people liked. There was a fifteen-minute presentation and a forty-five-minute presentation, and, for some reason, the longer one always went over better. People wanted to stand through such things.

What a funny, messed up little story. Which is something, I gather, you can say about everything Gary Lutz does. I’m not sure how this “new angle” works, but it’s kinda gross and insane. Good stuff. Lutz gets a lot of things done with very few words, and leave some of the weirdest stuff to the imagination.
The Believer and Bookslut have both interviewed Gary Lutz.

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