Hasanthika Sirisena, "The Call"

Dunstan must go to New York City to identify the body of his murdered niece.

(from Night Train, issue V)

This is one of those stories where human frailty is explored and discussed warmly. The difficult situations Dunstan finds himself in are a lot like the ones he puts himself in with his mistakes and weakness: out of his control. You might as well blame yourself for the things that are not your fault as much as the things that are. Nothing you can do about any of them now. A warm, kind story about a cold, harsh world. Sad and beautiful.

I had never heard of this author. Besides a mere 12 results, the oft-helpful Google asked me: Did you mean: “Hasanthi Sirisena” [?] Hmm, did I? I clicked on that. Your search – “Hasanthi Sirisena” – did not match any documents. Thanks, Google, you nut.

One thought on “Hasanthika Sirisena, "The Call"

  1. Rusted Corpse

    She was one of my better professors and is an incredibly down to earth and talented writer. She currently is working on a Sri Lankan novel as well as a short story collection. You may enjoy another of her stories called “Pine”.


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