Jill McCorkle, “Me and Big Foot”

A woman kinda tired of being lonely but mostly tired of being pitied for being alone, invents a boyfriend.

(from Going Away Shoes)

There are no tire tracks leading in or footprints leading away. No license plate or inspection sticker. The front bumper is a two-by-four. A wet note penned on a coffee-stained napkin is under the wiper: You, cute looking owner of the little scrappy dog, please don’t tow or complain. I need you. Please. I’ll be back soon.

This one was brilliant, with a sort-of unreliable narrator but she lets you in on her scheme/craziness. Because we get all our info from her, we can’t really trust that her ruse (a secret-super-stud boyfriend who’s always out of town) is working, but that just makes this one more fun. Recommended. Read it here.

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