Jill McCorkle, "PS"

The final letter from the divorced woman to the marriage councilor.

(from The Atlantic Fiction 2009)

But I did like how you always had the daily paper and People magazine in your bathroom, except sometimes when I started reading, I forgot that I had to go back in there and hear what a difficult person I am. Remember that time you had to come and get me and I told you I was feeling sick? What I was actually doing was reading about David Koresh and thinking how Jerry’s new religion was getting on my nerves, but at least he wasn’t that bad. Not yet anyway. Of course, I wanted to know what to be looking for in case the turn he’d already taken got worse.

Liked this one. A straightforward premise made a little jagged here and there by each revelation. I mean, yeah, it’s a tiny bit schticky but that’s cool cause it’s funny, too. It doesn’t really feel “literary” (or whatever you want to call it when the narrator starts working the metaphors) until the final page which really works for an exercise like this.
Read it here. Read an interview with Jill McCorkle here.

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