John Domini, "Assassins Project: Storyboards to Date"

Let’s make a really decent action thriller movie.

(from The Literary Review, Spring 2006)

What we have so far is, we begin with the down-to-earth, the romance angle, a girl who’s about to give up on finding a decent guy, she figures it’ll never get anywhere, the games never end. Begin where anyone can make the connection, that’s the whole first board, just another girl sick of the same-old, all the more of a drag because she knows what she’s got to offer, she’s old enough to know but she’s still good-looking, sure, hot when she wants to be, and she’s had a life, boyfriends, maybe girlfriends, maybe put a little edge on her, plus she’s got degrees on the wall and they say she’s some kind of doer of science, and she’s got a lab, that’s important. We could go as old as thirty-five.

Funny and familiar, this story is told from the perspective of some studio exec trying to describe his current movie project, about a pair of star-crossed assassins. There’s intrigue, and silliness and a poison condom in the mix. At its heart this could be called a story about art-by-committee and striving for the most pleasant and clever instead of actual greatness. Who are you trying to please, and how, with your art. That said, this is more literally witty and jaded little satire. Good stuff.
Read the beginning here.
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