Joy Williams, "The Girls"

The girls don’t like the new houseguests, or any of the houseguests ever.

(from The Best American Short Stories 2005)

The titular characters in this absurd, freaky little story are wonderful monsters. They’re like those two creatures from Nothing But Trouble on the inside and, maybe, like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie on the outside. They’re so spectacularly petty and ridiculous that this story made me laugh out loud. The overall meaning of all this, and there was one, is a little muddy in my mind because, well…
People of earth, reading is hard. It’s not easy. I started this story, this short, short story, some four days ago, picking it up only when I was essentially too tired to read. I would get through a page or two at best before surrendering. But I liked the story, I like it. It’s just, reading is hard work. If I thought it was easy, I don’t think I’d have a web site where I’m all proud of doing it, especially not in the short bursts of reading I recount here. My point? I need to set aside more time in my day for the purpose of reading, in the same way I reserve certain hours for going to work.

Oh yeah, in case you’re interested, here are some signs I saw recently, whilst on vacation.

Silkworm, “Developer”

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