Kelly Link, "Pretty Monsters"

Cabell saves Clementine’s life, leading to a lifelong crush. Lee and friends put Czigany and Parci through an Ordeal.

(from Pretty Monsters)

This story was exciting. An adventure story. So much damn fun. It’s got (at least) two major storylines barely connected to each other. Lots of distinct and likable characters, too. Underneath it all, and even when things get meta, there’s this feeling that Link gets it. She’s part of the modern existence and so are her characters.

One thought on “Kelly Link, "Pretty Monsters"

  1. sleepnotsheep

    I’ve only read her Magic for Beginners collection, and really loved her matter-of-fact manner of presenting the “supernatural.” She does it so smoothly, so effortlessly, that you don’t even have to consider suspending your disbelief; there simply is none. You just nod, and relish.


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