Ken Kalfus, "The Joy and Melancholy Baseball Trivia Quiz"

Funny/weird/sad/pretty/implausible baseball fun facts.

(from Thirst)

If this is a story, it’s a bunch of stories. Each has a little question header like “Who hold the record for most bunt singles in a season?” which is followed by a couple pages surrounding this supposedly true thing you’ll never hear again. Baseball, being so old and so tangled in statistics and whimsy and drama and patriotism and family bonding and civic pride, really lends itself well to joy and melancholy. See “Home Run Kings” by Refrigerator, or this story, or almost every movie about baseball (especially if Kevin Costner’s in it). My Baseball Prospectus-reading SABR-metric nerd friends would dig this story. I did too, even though hockey is way more my thing.

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