Milan Kundera, "The Hitchhiking Game"

A couple on a road trip plays like they’re strangers.

(from The World of the Short Story, 20th Century Collection)

Her role? What was her role? It was a role out of trashy literature. The hitchhiker stopped the car not to get a ride, but to seduce the man who was driving the car. She was an artful seductress, cleverly knowing how to use her charms. The girl slipped into this silly, romantic part with an ease that astonished her and held her spellbound.

So damn excellent. The matter-of-fact way Kundera explains the accidental truths his characters are revealing is wonderfully, smartly astute. He’s got such wise insight into stuff we know but rarely acknowledge so plainly. And it’s because of this that Kundera’s decision not to name his characters (“girl” and “young man”) is given a free pass. I generally can’t abide by such agressive everyman preaching, but, hell, the glove fits.

Read it here. Kundera was born in Czechoslovakia. He lives in France. Team Slovakia beat Team USA in men’s Olympic ice hockey today, so maybe I shoulda read a Slovakian author. Suggestions?

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One thought on “Milan Kundera, "The Hitchhiking Game"

  1. J.D. Roa

    I just read The Hitchhiking Game last night and the prose was so wonderful–tone, pacing, insight; I couldn’t stop smiling. I think for a final project I might read a novel by Kundera. I stumbled on this page actually looking for a link to The Hitchhiker’s Game so I could print it out and carry it around with me, lmao


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