Noria Jablonski, "Pam Calls Her Mother on Five-Cent Sundays"

Death and strangeness at Hair We Are.

(from Human Oddities)

A funny story laced with moments and people to make you a little uncomfortable. Only a little. In the author’s hands, the Siamese twins are treated like people, something they’re not actually used to in their hard, pathetic lives. Of course, everybody’s lives are hard and pathetic.
The grimness of poverty, obesity and trapped people in “small” existences is piled pretty high by the time things end. Some of it’s moodsetting/storytelling, and some of it’s overkill. (Reminds me of this line from My Name Is Earl: “Go get us some cheeseburgers out of the machine.”) There’s trash and there’s cartoon trash. This story walked the tightrope, but never really let things slip into stupidity. In other words: This is a freaky story with a head on its shoulders.

Nothing Painted Blue, “(I’m A) Haunted House”
Dinosaur Jr., “Freak Scene”

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