Pinckney Benedict, “Pig Helmet & The Wall of Life”

A cop with a curious face, nickname and disposition looks for meaning after gunning down a murderous Oxycontin addict.

(from StoryQuarterly, issue 42)

Very cool story, with lots of facts and tangents and a wholly interesting protagonist. Pig Helmet is an awesome dude, comfortable with his messed up face, wise and likeable in a couple ways. The narrator occasionally seems to step out of his own head and into that of his friend, Mr. Helmet, but it’s plausible that he’s simply relating the events as they were told to him. The ending, wherein our loveable monster becomes one with the infinite, or something, you’ll see, is very pretty. Everything ends in a frenzy.
Hey, Pinckney Benedict is on MySpace. You can’t say that about most I Read A Short Story Today authors.

Jon Solomon’s X-mas Spectacular

One thought on “Pinckney Benedict, “Pig Helmet & The Wall of Life”

  1. Sheryl Monks

    Hey, Patrick. Pig Helmet will be included the anthology we’re publishing in October. It’s called Surreal South and Pinckney and Laura Benedict are editing. You’ll find other awesome stories from Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Olen Butler, Ron Rash, Brad Vice, Benjamin Percy, Katie Estell, and many other fine writers. Check it out on our webpage
    ~sheryl, P53


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