Stephen Tuttle, "Amanuensis"

A beloved science teacher disappears in the snow. But was he really beloved?

(from Hayden’s Ferry Review #42)

Really enjoyed this spooky, funny story. It might be about mob mentality, or the untrustworthiness of memory, I don’t know. I loved the third person plural approach. They — the townspeople — are so quick act, to move and think in unison. Dumond, the departed teacher who made science fun for so many of the kids in town, seems to have been the only one with any sense of personality or individuality. Like Dumond says, snowflakes are not as different as they appear.
Awesome. You can download the story here. You could also go out and buy the thing. It’s pretty and the paper’s so smooth and it smells nice. Then look up “amanuensis” and tell me why that’s a good title for this story.

One thought on “Stephen Tuttle, "Amanuensis"

  1. bluestocking18

    I really liked the story, also. I think it’s actually about hypocrisy. The title is perfect because Dumond was recording the misdeeds of the townspeople.


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